NFL Week 5 Picks

The Broncos vs Patriots game has been cancelled due to COVID, the Titans game is in jeopardy against the Bills.

NFL Week 5 Games:

Panthers (2-2) @ Falcons (0-4): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Panthers:
1. Let Mike Davis keep rolling.
2. Teddy B needs to keep feeding Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore.
3. Derrick Brown has to have a great game stopping the run.

3 keys to victory for the Falcons:
1. Matt Ryan has to play consistent football, not on and off between drives.
2. The Falcons defense has to show up! Dan Quinn you are supposed to be a defensive minded coach.
3. The running game has to contribute more often.

Pick: Panthers 27 – Falcons 23

Bengals (1-2-1) @ Ravens (3-1): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Bengals:
1. Joe Burrow has to throw all over the Ravens at best average pass defense.
2. The defense has to test Lamar’s knee and get a pass rush.
3. Protect Joe Burrow against a below average pass rush.

3 Keys to victory for the Ravens:
1. Protect Lamar and his knee.
2. Pound the rock all game.

Pick: Bengals 24 – Ravens 21 (UPSET ALERT)

Jaguars (1-3) @ Texans (0-4): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Jaguars:
1. James Robinson pound the rock.
2. Minshew has to start being looked at as benchable, Jake Luton can produce similar numbers.
3. This defense and K’Lavon need to stop DeShaun Watson.

3 Keys to victory for the Texans:
1. The worst run defense has to play some run defense.
2. DeShaun Watson has to realize he is carrying this team and just continue to play his style.
3. Romeo is head coach now. Play defense and let the offense throw even more.

Pick: Texans 30 – Jaguars 26

Raiders (2-2) @ Chiefs (4-0): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Raiders:
1. Slow down Mahomes, keep Kelce limited and you do so.
2. The Chiefs are bad against the run, Josh Jacobs run wild.
3. Maxx Crosby single handily can affect this game and just needs to make Mahomes uncomfortable.

3 Keys to victory for the Chiefs:
1. Mahomes has to shake off the Super Bowl high as we have seen him look on and off in two games this season (New England and LA Chargers).
2. Keep playing good defense.
3. Get the ground game going again and keep Josh Jacobs off the field.

Pick: Chiefs 32 – Raiders 24

Cardinals (2-2) @ Jets (0-4): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Cardinals:
1. Murray has to stop turning the ball over.
2. The pass rush has seemingly vanished, show back up.
3. Protect Kyler and maybe open some holes for Drake.

3 Keys to victory for the Jets:
1. Joe Flacco better be ready to run for his life, this Offensive line is a joke.
2. The defense needs to play turnover hungry football.
3. Get consistent play from the offense.

Pick: Cardinals 31 – Jets 10 (Adam Gase should finally be fired right?)

Eagles (1-2-1) @ Steelers (3-0): 1PM/ET:
3 Keys to victory for the Eagles:
2. Miles Sanders has to find success this week.
3. Play their defense which has been very underrated.

3 Keys to victory for the Steelers:
1. Pass rush should feast all game long.
2. Feast on Wentz lack of confidence and footwork issues and get a couple INTS.
3. Run the ball.

Pick: Steelers 31 – Eagles 17

Rams (3-1) @ Football Team (1-3): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Rams:
1. Just play smart McVay coached football this should be easy.
2. Aaron Donald and co. should get plenty of sacks.
3. Feed Cooper Kupp as often as possible.

3 Keys to victory for the Football Team:
1. Find a way to stop Kyle Allen from turning the ball over so much.
2. Protect Kyle Allen.
3. Terry McClaurin has to some how dominate Jalen Ramsay.

Pick: Rams 38 – Football Team 13

Dolphins (1-3) @ 49ers (2-2): 4:05PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Dolphins:
1. Tua time would be great for the offense.
2. Keep the 49ers ground game in check.
3. Force Kittle to be irrelevant somehow.

3 Keys to victory for the 49ers:
1. Jimmy G needs to throw further down the field.
2. Defense has to continue to play ball and avenge their loss last week.
3. Force Tua to be a question on the coaches mind, get Fitz INTS early.

Pick: 49ers 29 – Dolphins 20

Colts (3-1) @ Browns (3-1): 4:25PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Colts:
1. Stop the Browns ground game, make them miss Nick Chubb.
2. POUND THE ROCK with Jonathan Taylor, he can carry this offense when holding a lead.
3. Force Baker to beat you with his arm, he is mistake prone.

3 Keys to victory for the Browns:
1. Kareem Hunt has to pound the rock against the best defense in the league and get open in the passing game.
2. No turnovers.
3. The defense has to try and keep up play wise with the Colts D.

Pick: Colts 33 – Browns 20

Giants (0-4) @ Cowboys (1-3): 4:25PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Giants:
1. Giants defense has to find a way to stop the passing game of the Cowboys.
2. Freeman has to run well and help keep the Cowboys offense off the field.
3. Daniel Jones needs to stop turning the ball over.

3 Keys to victory for the Cowboys:
1. Dak/Zeke have to stop fumbling the ball.
2. The pass rush has to show why it’s paid so well and help the pass defense.
3. Zeke needs to get the chains off his ankles, he is starting to remind me of Eddie Lacy.

Pick: Cowboys 34 – Giants 23

Sunday Night Football @ 8:20PM/ET:

Vikings (1-3) @ Seahawks (4-0)
3 Keys to victory for the Vikings:
1. Run all game long, don’t rely on Cousins.
2. If they fall behind get Justin Jefferson his touches as much as possible.
3. Defense has to somehow slow down Russell Wilson and Chris Carson

3 Keys to victory for the Seahawks:
1. Pound the rock with Chris Carson and keep Dalvin Cook off the field as much as possible.
2. Let Russ Cook on this terrible Vikings pass defense.
3. This atrocious pass rush has to show up.

Pick: Seahawks 30 – Vikings 26

Monday Night Football @8:15PM/ET: Happy Indigenous peoples day

Chargers (1-3) @ Saints (2-2)
3 Keys to victory for the Chargers:
1. Continue letting Herbert throw the ball deep, Herbert just has to close.
2. Defense needs to come get Drew Brees.
3. Find a way to slow down Kamara.

3 Keys to victory for the Saints:
1. Kamara can carry this team to victory.
2. Michael Thomas needs to just play his football.
3. The defense needs to show back up that has gone missing of late.

Pick: Chargers 27 – Saints 24 (UPSET ALERT)

Tuesday Night Football @ 7PM/ET:

Bills (4-0) @ Titans (3-0): This game might be cancelled still due to COVID running rampid through the Titans organization. Keep an eye on for updates involving that.
3 Keys to victory for the Bills:
1. Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs all game long.
2. Get Tannehill uncomfortable early.
3. No turnovers on offense and keep Derrick Henry off the field.

3 Keys to victory for the Titans:
1. Ryan Tannehill needs to torch this pass defense.
2. Derrick Henry needs to exploit the Bills run defense.
3. Try to force Josh Allen to remain in the pocket and limit the deep balls.

Pick: Bills 26 – Titans 21

Week 4 NFL Predictions 2020

This has been a really difficult week to figure out what is actually going on due to COVID and players getting COVID. The Titans vs Steelers has been postponed due to the Titans franchise having COVID breakouts and the Patriots vs Chiefs has been moved to Monday night as of now due to Cam Newton getting Covid.

I am also going to change up my way of making picks and give my 3-keys to victory for each team with my prediction instead of just a pick and a sentence or two.

Baltimore Ravens (2-1) @ Washington Football Team (1-2) @ 1 PM/ET:

Keys to Victory for the Ravens:
1. Just play Raven football, this is a easy win.
2. Enjoy the turnovers on defense and bounce back from a tough loss.
3. Get the pass rush going.

Keys to victory for the Football Team:
1. Get Haskins out of the game.
2. Blitz hard and often, make Lamar uncomfortable.
3. Play a very physical defensive game on the wideouts and keep the run game locked down.

Pick: Ravens 34 – Football Team 16

LA Chargers (1-2) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) @ 1PM/ET:

Keys to Victory for the Chargers:
1. Let this kid Herbert throw the damn ball down the field not constant dump offs. Let him feast on Keenan Allen.
2. Ekeler/Joshua Kelley need to be fed.
3. Get some pressure on Tom and force 2 INTS

Keys to Victory for the Buccaneers:
2. Ground game has to help out Tom.
3. Mike Evans has to beat Casey Hayward.

Pick: Chargers 27 – Buccaneers 26 (UPSET ALERT)

Seattle Seahawks (3-0) @ Miami Dolphins (1-2) @ 1 PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Seahawks:
1. Let Russ Cook.
2. Defense needs to just play better, not elite but better.
3. Don’t get turnover prone.

Keys to victory for the Dolphins:
1. Fitz will have to outcook Russ
2. The defense will need to stop Lockett and Metcalf (good luck)
3. Get out front early and find a way to lean on the clock.

Pick: Seahawks 36 – Dolphins 23

Minnesota Vikings (0-3) @ Houston Texans (0-3) @1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Vikings:
1. Cousins needs to air it out like last week.
2. Get Watson on the ground often.
3. Get out front early and run the rock with Dalvin to keep Watson off the field.

Keys to victory for the Texans:
1. Watson has to throw all over this bad Vikings defense.
2. JJ Watt has to get cooking and force Cousins to have a bad day.
3. Limit Justin Jefferson’s impact.

Pick: Texans 30 – Vikings 24

New Orleans Saints (1-2) @ Detroit Lions (1-2): @1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Saints:
1. Alvin Kamara will need to dominate.
2. Tre’quan Smith needs to beat Okudah.
3. Get Deonte Harris more touches, he is special.

Keys to victory for the Lions:
1. Play like they did last week against the Cardinals, physical.
2. Let De’Andre Swift carry the ball 15 times.
3. Try to keep Kamara out of the pass game, pretty much an automatic win without Michael Thomas.

Pick: Saints 26 – Lions 23

Cleveland Browns (2-1) @ Dallas Cowboys (1-2) @ 1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Browns:
1. Abuse your two headed monster at RB.
2. Turn over Dak early
3. Baker must still be limited.

Keys to victory for the Cowboys:
1. Feed Zeke and eat the cock.
2. No turnovers on offense.
3. Limit the big plays and force the Browns to chip their way down the field.

Pick: Cowboys 37 – Browns 24

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) @ Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1) @1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Jaguars:
1. James Robinson 20 touches.
2. Laviska Shenault has to help Minshew.
3. Expose the Bengals terrible offensive line.

Keys to victory for the Bengals:
1. Mixon needs to put up 70 on the ground.
2. Burrow and Tee Higgins connection.
3. Turnover Minshew and force him to have to throw his way back.

Pick: Bengals 28 – Jaguars 23.

Arizona Cardinals (2-1) @ Carolina Panthers (1-2) @ 1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Cardinals:
1. Kyler needs to limit his turnovers.
2. Get the ground game going this week and keep your injured secondary off the field.
3. Get after Teddy Bridgewater often and early.

Keys to victory for the Panthers:
1. Abuse the Cardinals beat up secondary with DJ Moore and Robby Anderson
2. Try getting Ian Thomas into the game plan some.
3. Donte Jackson has to limit D-Hop.

Pick: Panthers 23 – Cardinals 20 (Upset Alert)

Giants (0-3) @ LA Rams (2-1) @ 4:05PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Giants:
1. Honestly hope for a miracle.
2. Daniel Jones has to stop fumbling the ball, like C’mon man.
3. Force Darrell Henderson to beat you, not Goff and co.

Keys to victory for the Rams:
1. Don’t turn the ball over multiple times.
2. Set Aaron Donald loose on the Giants bad offensive line.
3. Just play Rams football

Pick: Rams 37 – Giants 14

Buffalo Bills (3-0) @ Las Vegas Raiders (2-1) @ 4:25PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Bills:
1. Pound the rock down the Raiders throat.
2. Josh Allen just keep playing your way.
3. Make Derek Carr beat you and shut down Josh Jacobs.

Keys to victory for the Raiders:
1. Josh Jacobs as much as possible, in the pass game and ground game.
2. Maxx Crosby has to reach Allen often, even just QB hits can change his effectiveness.
3. Limit Stefon Diggs.

Pick: Bills 27 – Raiders 24

Indianapolis Colts (2-1) @ Chicago Bears (3-0) @ 4:25PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Colts:
1. Pound the rock with Jonathan Taylor.
2. Rivers has to limit turnovers.
3. Let the top defense in the league do their thing.

Keys to victory for the Bears:
1. Foles will have to find a way to get Miller and Robinson over 80 yards each.
2. David Montgomery will have to show up especially in the pass game without Tarik Cohen.
3. Pass Rush needs to hit home.

Pick: Colts 30 – Bears 26

Sunday Night Football @ 8:20PM/ET:

Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1) @ San Francisco 49ers (2-1):

Keys to victory for the Eagles:
1. Miles Sanders will have to find a way to get a big game.
2. Carson Wentz needs to stop with the ugly INTS, otherwise Jalen Hurts should find the field.
3. Stop the 49ers from pounding the rock.

Keys to victory for the 49ers:
1. Enjoy Aiyuk and Deebo both healthy and together.
2. Nick Mullens needs to find the rhythm he had last week.
3. Let the defense carry you as much as possible this weekend.

Pick: 49ers 30 – Eagles 20

Monday Night Football Double Header:

New England Patriots (2-1) @ Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) @ 7:05PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Patriots:
1. Sony Michel has to have an incredible game with Cam Newtown out.
2. Brian Hoyer has to get Harry and Edelman some yards.
3. The defense will have to do the impossible, slow down Mahomes.

Keys to victory for the Chiefs:
1. Let Mahomes do his thing as always.
2. Stop the run game of the Pats and force Hoyer to beat your defense.
3. Get turnovers on an offense having to change play style.

Pick: Chiefs 27 – Patriots 16

Atlanta Falcons (0-3) @ Green Bay Packers (3-0) @8:50PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Flacons:
1. It has to be said, if you lead the game after the first half, don’t blow it again.
2. Matt Ryan needs to play all four quarters, not disappear late.
3. The defense has to find a way to hit Rodgers

Keys to victory for the Packers:
1. Aaron Jones needs to get going big time in the pass and ground game.
2. Let Rodgers cook even if Adams doesn’t play.
3. Odd one here, but Robert Tonyan is crucial to this offense this week.

Pick: Packers 31 – Falcons 26.

Week 4 Power Rankings

Power Rankings for week 4 and we had a good bit of shake up after a revealing week. Reminder rankings from the previous week are in parentheses.

Week 4:

1.(3) Kansas City Chiefs (3-0): The Chiefs are coming off a very impressive victory on Monday night football. The defense has started to show up and their offense looked great against the Ravens defense, compared to last weeks struggles against the Chargers.

2.(2) Seattle Seahawks (3-0): The Seahawks have defensive issues that are a great concern, but Pete Carroll is their head coach and I believe it will get fixed. The offense has been unbeatable entirely because they are letting Russ cook as we put it. Wilson has been nearly perfect and playing at an MVP level. This team could easily go 14-2.

3.(4) Green Bay Packers (3-0): The Packers are rolling. The offensive line play has been great which makes this offense really dangerous. The defense has woken up yet which will need to happen at some point. Beating the Saints on the road without Davante Adams was a massive showing of how good this team truly is.

4.(1) Baltimore Ravens (2-1): The Ravens offense couldn’t handle a defense that just allowed rookie Justin Herbert in his debut carve up the Chiefs, which Lamar couldn’t. My issue is that Lamar just shrugged off this game as “oh they are our kryptonite” well that is an issue considering you will face them in the playoffs forever. The Ravens have to show they can handle a physical defense.

5.(7) Buffalo Bills (3-0): The Bills with Josh Allen and this coaching staff continue to impress me. They are a definite contender for the super bowl with Stefon Diggs as a weapon for Allen now. The ground game of Devin Singletary and Zach Moss is also something to watch especially in the cold months.

6.(9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1): The Buccaneers are figuring things out at a rapid rate. The offense looks great and Brady has started to show promise that he can function in a different system. The defense has also shown improvements each week, we could see this team contend for a Lombardi trophy.

7.(8) New England Patriots (2-1): The Pats defense absolutely dominated the Raiders offense. Cam Newton keeps working hard at studying this entire system and has the ability to make this offense legit, against even the top defenses.

8.(13) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0): The Steelers are rolling and their defense will carry them a long way. The offense has been good, not elite, but it can win them games for sure. They are going to be a team to watch.

9.(6) LA Rams (2-1): The Rams defense took until the second half to wake up last week which cost them a potentially impressive win over the Bills. I believe the ground game HAS to get more consistent for them to stand a chance at being a top NFC team though.

10.(15) Indianapolis Colts (2-1): The Colts defense is top in the NFL and the offense has started to figure out how to play with Rivers at the helm. I really enjoy this team and believe it could continue to get better.

11.(16) Tennessee Titans (3-0): The Titans have really started to impress me. I have been wrong about Tannehill as he has really shelled out and has been impressing the hell out of me. The Titans need their defense to step up to a new level though as they let Cousins and Justin Jefferson carve them up.

12.(14) San Francisco 49ers (2-1): The Niners are dealing with injuries, but playing well regardless. I would like to see them against a tougher test though than the Giants and Jets.

13.(10) Las Vegas Raiders (2-1): The Raiders struggled some this weekend in Foxboro. The defense has been decent and the offense with Josh Jacobs has been great so far. The Raiders have to be able to beat playoff teams on the road.

14.(12) New Orleans Saints (1-2): The Saints are a great team struggling with an injury to Michael Thomas, hindering this offense. Their defense though has been MIA thus far and has to turn it around fast or they will be too far behind the Bucs.

15.(5) Arizona Cardinals (2-1): The issue with this team is going to be very similar to that of the Chargers the past 3 years. The offense and their elite level QB has a turnover issue which will leave their defense on the field too often and stop any momentum they are currently building. The loss to the Lions is 100% on Kyler Murray’s bad decision making.

16.(19) Cleveland Browns (2-1): The Browns are great against lower level talent, but struggle with tougher opponents, which puts them right in the middle of the pack. The offense when they limit the throws from Baker and pound the rock is top 10. The defense though is average at best and without Myles Garrett would be bottom of the league.

17.(11) LA Chargers (1-2): The Chargers hurt themselves last week with penalties and bad turnovers. They are a better team than they displayed last week. They have to pick up a win this week to turn it around quick which will be no quick test against the Buccaneers.

18.(20) Chicago Bears (3-0): The worst unbeaten team once again has a comeback game in which they should have lost. They have Foles now playing at QB which is going to be better for this system. Defense still needs to step up more though.

19.(18) Dallas Cowboys (1-2): The Cowboys are a team with too much talent to be 1-2. The defense is horrendous with seemingly exception to Aldon Smith. The offense is clicking in the pass game, but Zeke is 2 steps behind and they have to step it up.

20.(22) Houston Texans (0-3): The best winless team in the NFL honestly. They might be 3-0 but they way they played the Steelers showed some promise in this team. They have had a killing floor thrown at them starting with the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers in a row, that’s as tough as it can get.

21.(23) Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1): The Bengals look pretty decent with Joe Burrow at the helm in all honesty. I like Tee Higgins starting to get a role in this offense. The Bengals are going to be alright. They have to improve their offensive line play though.

22. (24) Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1): The Eagles played for a tie! Carson Wentz looks like a mess. He has bad footwork as of late, he has a bad release of late, and his inability to read a defense continues to be an issue. The Eagles can only thrive once Wentz figures his stuff out.

23.(29) Miami Dolphins (1-2): The Dolphins shocked the heck out of me last week. Fitz for two weeks have been playing great. The Dolphins are looking to show what they did last week isn’t a one time thing.

24.(28) Carolina Panthers (1-2): The defense for the Panthers started playing well this past week which will help them in the end. Mike Davis is no McCaffery, but he helps this offense have chances to be efficient.

25.(17) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2): The Jaguars found a gem in James Robinson, but Minshew has probably reached his peak. The Jaguars have to start asking questions about the offense and its effectiveness.

26.(30) Detroit Lions (1-2): The Lions have had issues with consistency, but going to Arizona and beating the Cardinals was impressive. They need to play at a more consistent level, but with Golladay back this could be huge for the Lions.

27.(25) Denver Broncos (0-3): The Broncos are a team with bad injuries piling up. Drew Lock is out for a long period of time and they are playing with a rotating door at QB already and could hinder them for 5 weeks. They should still win this week though and need to get healthy.

28.(27) Minnesota Vikings (0-3): The Vikings are one of the worst defenses in the league. Cousins showed he can find his stuff, with rookie Justin Jefferson at WR now stepping up the Vikings offense has found its rhythm.

29.(21) Atlanta Falcons (0-3): The Falcons are choke artists and can’t play with a lead. Dan Quinn somehow came home with a job after a second embarrassing collapse with a big lead. I do not understand how with the talent on this roster they could even do that. I have no faith in this team as they have done the unthinkable.

30.(26) Washington Football Team (1-2): Haskins is a turnover machine and that will make this team a laughing stock like their name. They need to start considering Alex Smith at this point.

31.(31) New York Giants (0-3): The only thing difficult for this team for me was 32 or 31. They are better than the Jets though since they aren’t coached by Adam Gase. The Giants could go 1-15 this year though. Daniel Jones needs to be no part of the franchises long term plan as he is not good.

32.(32) New York Jets (0-3): The Jets defense is horrible, they offensive line and run game are a joke, and they have no WR’s worth mentioning. Darnold is just there to be destroyed regardless of his talent. Plus Adam Gase is the worst coach in professional sports.

TNF: Broncos @ Jets

Thursday night football on NFL Network at 8:20 PM/ET

Pick: Broncos 27 – Jets 18

My three Keys to victory for each team are:


  1. Lean on the ground game and run all over the Jets run defense.
  2. Let Rypien get comfortable early and keep his throws inside 15 yards.
  3. Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush. Defense is going to have to step up.


  1. Get Darnold going early with confident making throws.
  2. Find some pass rush on this defense and make Rypien feel the pressure and keep him uncomfortable.
  3. Get some turnovers on defense and help this offense that is a turnover machine.

Week 3 Predictions

Houston Texans (0-2) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0): @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Steelers 26 – Texans 20

The Texans will again, have no defense. They don’t protect Watson and the Steelers pass rush will run them over. This game will not be as close as the score says, Watson will get a late TD to close within a score. Steelers defense should feast.

Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) @ Philadelphia Eagles (0-2): @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Bengals 31 – Eagles 26

The Bengals haven’t been great, but they are getting healthy while the Eagles continue to be plagued with injuries. Wentz has looked off with his footwork and delivery this year and that has nothing to do with injuries. I worry about the Eagles.

San Francisco 49ers (1-1) @ NY Giants (0-2): @ 1 PM/ET

Pick: 49ers 17 – Giants 13

The Giants are without Barkley, Daniel Jones has been a turnover machine. Even without Jimmy G, Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, and George Kittle and Deebo Samuel the 49ers run game and defense will carry this team past an inferior Giants team.

Las Vegas Raiders (2-0) @ New England Patriots (1-1): @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Patriots 30 – Raiders 27

The Pats with Cam Newton look dangerous and regardless of holdouts all over the defense they still look above average. The Raiders have been so impressive thus far, but I think they just get slightly outplayed here. I expect a great game between the two most surprising teams of 2020 so far.

Tennessee Titans (2-0) @ Minnesota Vikings (0-2): @1PM/ET

Pick: Titans 30 – Vikings 21

The Titans are a much better team than the Vikings. Cousins is the far inferior QB in this battle and the Vikings defense is so bad. Titans confidently roll.

Washington Football Team (1-1) @ Cleveland Browns (1-1): @1PM/ET

Pick: Washington Football Team 24 – Browns 20

LA Rams (2-0) @ Buffalo Bills (2-0): @1PM/ET

Pick: Bills 27 – Rams 24

This should be one hell of a game in a week of great games. The Bills have a little more to offer all-around in talent is why I am giving them the slight edge. Ed Oliver vs Aaron Donald is exciting as can be as well.

Chicago Bears (2-0) @ Atlanta Falcons (0-2): @1PM/ET

Pick: Falcons 30 – Bears 23

The Falcons have to erase last weeks memory and even without Julio are the better team with the better QB. The Bears need their pass rush to show up if they want to upset the Falcons fans.

Carolina Panthers (0-2) @ LA Chargers (1-1): @ 4:05PM/ET

Pick: Chargers 31 – Panthers 17

This should be a blowout if Herbert plays the way he did last week behind that hell of a run game. The Panthers are without McCaffery and a rookie head coach struggling to find rhythm. I love the Chargers this week as my LOCK OF THE WEEK.

NY Jets (0-2) @ Indianapolis Colts (1-1): @4:05 PM/ET

Pick: Colts 34 – Jets 10

Rivers, JT, Hilton should all feast on this bad Jets team. The Jets will struggle to find any success against the Colts defense, plus Adam Gase is still the head coach so that is an even bigger hinderance.

Dallas Cowboys (1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (2-0): @4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Seahawks 36 – Cowboys 31

This game should be a shootout with no defense on either side of the ball. For the Seahawks it’s fairly simple let Russ cook baby! The Cowboys need to get up early and run all game long to keep Russ off the field you can’t play comeback games against Wilson.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) @ Denver Broncos (0-2): @4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Buccaneers 28 – Broncos 17

The Broncos are without their franchise QB Drew Lock and now have to deal with Brady and the Bucs. I like the two headed monster at RB between RoJo and Fournette. Bucs should hold this down easily.

Detroit Lions (0-2) @ Arizona Cardinals (2-0): @4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Cardinals 31 – Lions 20

The Cardinals should dominate this Lions team. They are coached better, Kyler has been playing at an MVP level so far, Hopkins should feast, I honestly can’t see a reason the Cardinals lose this one. The Lions will need to pound the rock and get ahead early for any chance in this one.

Sunday Night Football @ 8:20 PM/ET on NBC

Green Bay Packers (2-0) @ New Orleans Saints (1-1):

Pick: Packers 37 – Saints 33

Aaron Rodgers is used to being without Adams at times and needing to make more of his roster then he has. Brees looked completely lost without Michael Thomas as it was the first real time without his top weapon and target. I lean towards Rodgers right now.

Monday Night Football @ 8:15 PM/ET on ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) @ Baltimore Ravens (2-0):

Pick: Ravens 29 – Chiefs 27

The Ravens have looked incredible so far while the Chiefs have looked good, but not great so far. Mahomes vs Lamar should be fun, though I think the Ravens will take note on how the Chargers ran through the Chiefs and run all over them. This game could honestly be game of the season for 2020. Enjoy fans.

Dolphins @ Jags TNF week 3

Dolphins (0-2) @ Jaguars (1-1) on NFL Network at 8:20 PM/ET

Pick: Jaguars 30 – Dolphins 19.

Neither defense is that great and the offenses seem sporadic. The Jags offense seems to be more efficient than the Dolphins though as Fitz has more turnovers than TD’s. Minshew mania will continue as cries for Tua will begin this week.

My three keys for a Jaguars win:

  1. Lean on James Robinson (RB) and let him continue to prove being undrafted was a mistake.
  2. Shut down DeVante Parker, let CJ Henderson keep him slowed down.
  3. Get Shenault more involved as the Dolphins weak pass defense will struggle with his strength and hands.

My three keys for a Dolphins win:

  1. Get your ground game going, keep the Jags offense off the field.
  2. Apply different defensive packages and pass rushes to make Minshew uncomfortable.
  3. It won’t happen, but if you fall behind by two scores early, get Tua into the game.

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

My Week 3 Power Rankings and last weeks rankings will be in parentheses. We learned a lot about some teams this week in the NFL.

Week 3 Power Rankings:

1. (1) Baltimore Ravens (2-0): The Ravens continue to show they are the best team in the NFL and Lamar Jackson is the best QB. The run defense looked better last weekend against the Texans as well. They get the Chiefs this week so it will be a true who is best test.

2. (3) Seattle Seahawks (2-0): The Seahawks are a great team with arguably the best QB in the NFL. A bad defense, but Russell Wilson can carry them past that defensive issues.

3. (2) Kansas City Chiefs (2-0): Squeezing by the Chargers with a QB who wasn’t prepared for his first career start really worried me a bit. The defense showed inconsistencies and Mahomes looked rough with Kelce shut down. Could we be seeing that without his top target Mahomes might not be as elite? Time will tell.

4. (4) Green Bay Packers (2-0): Yes they only beat the Lions and Vikings, but 21 point win following a dominant win on the road is impressive anytime. This season with a motivated Aaron Rodgers is going to be fun to watch.

5. (8) Arizona Cardinals (2-0): The Cardinals offense with a new shiny weapon is so hard to imagine stopping. The Cardinals defense is pretty decent as well. I would like to see them beat a real test team and see how they do because right now I am a believer.

6. (9) LA Rams (2-0): The Rams look good and I am a believer in everything but their ground game. The weapons at WR and TE combined are hard to imagine most defenses stopping.

7. (6) Buffalo Bills (2-0): The Bills are so damn good. They have in my eyes the best coaching in the league from top to bottom of this roster. Josh Allen at QB is wonderful so far with Diggs and Brown at WR. The ground game is part of a two headed monster that is only going to get better as the year goes on.

8. (15) New England Patriots (1-1): Cam Newton looks good, he is working his ass off, studying hard, and the team is still coached by Bill Belichick. The Patriots might have lost to Seattle but they played close all game long and came within a yard of a win.

9. (12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1): The Buccaneers are going to be a force to reckon with when they get everything figured out. They looked good this week without Godwin and Fournette was unleashed even with limited carries. I am actually excited to see what happens with this team.

10. (19) Las Vegas Raiders (2-0): I have a hard time believing I am saying this, but the Raiders might actually be legit. Their defense isn’t great and their pass rush is second worst in the NFL, but that offense is efficient. I would like to see them this week with the Patriots.

11. (11) La Chargers (1-1): The Chargers with Justin Herbert are scary as hell. Give this kid an offensive line and some time with the first team and it could be incredibly fun to watch. I honestly just wish Derwin James was healthy to see what else this defense could do.

12. (5) New Orleans Saints (1-1): The Saints are way too 1 dimensional on offense entirely relying on Michael Thomas and we saw that without him Brees looks his age. The defense is great, but unless the offense can function without Michael Thomas the defense will get exposed and exhausted.

13. (7) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0): The Steelers inconsistencies concern me greatly. They struggled to beat the Drew Lock-less Broncos team this weekend and injuries to their receiving corps continues to plague them.

14. (10) San Francisco 49ers (1-1): This team needs to find a way to get healthy if they want to win against top teams. They are still dangerous as their ground game continues to be great and their defense, even without Bosa, is still effective.

15. (16) Indianapolis Colts (1-1): The Colts leaned on Jonathan Taylor and they ran wild on the Vikings terrible defense. Their defense was good enough to shut down Cousins and company. I would like to see them against a tougher test than the Vikings though.

16. (13) Tennessee Titans (2-0): The Titans might be 2-0, but they have no QB play and an elite team will force Tannehill to beat them. I would like to see the Titans, when playing against a low level pass defense help Tannehill by giving him confidence and throw the ball more.

17. (24) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1): The Jaguars are playing with a fire in the belly that is making them a lot more dangerous than anyone expected them to be. They nearly beat their division rival Titans this past week and impressed me from the previous week.

18. (14) Dallas Cowboys (1-1): The Cowboys have talent, but they don’t seem to use it well. The pass rush should be top of the league and it is definitely not even close to that. This week against Seattle should show where Dallas truly stands.

19. (27) Cleveland Browns (1-1): The Browns should have learned from last week that Baker is the worst QB in the division, but they can be effective if they keep him to about 20-25 passes a game and lean on the ground game. The defense has been banged up, but I believe will get better with health.

20. (25) Chicago Bears (2-0): The worst 2-0 team in the NFL simply put. They have played two 0-2 teams and could very easily be 0-2 with how close their games were. I like their offense more than their defense which is new for the Bears.

21. (18) Atlanta Falcons (0-2): YIKES! This team has no pass defense and a weak pass rush. The offense is insanely talented, but can’t carry the team alone they need some help. After imploding last week I am not sure how the special teams coordinator was allowed on the flight home. If they drop to 0-3 expect Dan Quinn to be fired soon.

22. (17) Houston Texans (0-2): DeShaun Watson is the only positive about this teams offense right now. The secondary is weak and continues to get exposed which makes this team easily beatable.

23. (26) Cincinnati Bengals (0-2): Joe Burrow is the reason this team is this high. They are a rebuilding team for sure, but their QB is already a top 10 QB in this league.

24. (21) Philadelphia Eagles (0-2): Health. It truly is that simple, they are the least healthy team in the league every year and yet do nothing to change it. This week I don’t even believe they are lining up with enough WR’s healthy to have 4 out wide if they wanted it. This team is going to struggle to find wins this season.

25. (22) Denver Broncos (0-2): The Broncos are going to struggle without Lock, but as we saw this weekend still be able to compete and sneak out some wins.

26. (20) Washington Football Team (1-1): This team has to find a way to protect Haskins before they can blame him for the ineffectiveness of the offense. Their defense seems to struggle with a mobile QB though and their defense was the one thing I trusted on this team.

27. (23) Minnesota Vikings (0-2): I have said it, Mike Zimmer’s job should be on the line as there is no excuse for the lack of offense and defense this team has put out. He is a good coach but sometimes your time with a team comes to an end. I just look at the talent on roster and can not figure out why they are getting flat out dominated.

28. (30) Carolina Panthers (0-2): The Panthers have talent, but either a rookie coach adjusting or a bad coach has held them back. The Panthers are without McCaffery for a while though so they could easily start the season 0-8 unless Teddy “two gloves” goes off and starts throwing all over the place. They have the weapons for him to do so.

29. (28) Miami Dolphins (0-2): This team has no pass defense, ground game, and Fitz at QB is not going to get better. I think they get exponentially better once Tua takes the reigns of this team.

30. (29) Detroit Lions (0-2): Matt Patricia gets canned after going 0-4 to start the season heading to their bye week, week 5. If this happens the Lions get SO MUCH better as this guy can’t function as a head coach and needs to go back to being just a defensive coordinator. They have the talent to be a playoff team and their constant fails are just inexcusebale.

31. (31) NY Giants (0-2): The Giants are a bad team that just lost Barkley for the season, and will only get worse. Daniel Jones was seen as someone to build around and he could help carry a team, instead he is Danny turnover.

32. (32) NY Jets (0-2): Adam Gase is still the Jets coach. They are going to remain the worst team in the NFL, it truly is that simple.

NFL Week 2

Here are my predictions for Sunday’s slate of games and MNF.

NY Giants (0-1) @ Chicaco Bears (1-0): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Bears 27 – Giants 23

Both teams are bad, but the Bears are less bad. The Bears offense figured out how to move the ball last week, the Giants couldn’t even get their best weapon going.

Atlanta Falcons (0-1) @ Dallas Cowboys (0-1): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Cowboys 30 – Falcons 26

The Cowboys will finally get the monkey off their back for one week, and win a one possession game. Dak gets a game winning drive TD to Amari to get the Cowboys on track.

Detroit Lions (0-1) @ Green Bay Packers (1-0): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Packers 31 – Lions 20

The Lions choked away a massive lead last week and it’s become the norm for Detroit under Matt Patricia. The Lions won’t beat that Packers offense with Matt Patricia as the head coach.

Minnesota Vikings (0-1) @ Indianapolis Colts (0-1): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Colts 30 – Vikings 26

The Colts needed time to adjust with a new QB and a new lead RB without Marlon Mack. The Vikings defense is just missing too many pieces to still be a unit worth fearing and will hurt them.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) @ Tennessee Titans (1-0): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Titans 20 – Jaguars 17

The Jaguars might have surprised people last week, but I don’t see that happening again against the Titan defense. Derrick Henry carries the Titans to a tight win.

Buffalo Bills (1-0) @ Miami Dolphins (0-1): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Bills 34 – Dolphins 10

This game is going to be flat out ugly. The Bills look incredible and the Dolphins don’t look good at all.

San Francisco 49ers (0-1) @ NY Jets (0-1): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: 49ers 26 – Jets 13

Adam Gase is still coaching the Jets so they will get demolished. The 49ers might have injuries all over including Kittle, but they have a ground game and they have a great coach.

LA Rams (1-0) @ Philadelphia Eagles (0-1): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Rams 24 – Eagles 21

The Rams looked pretty good last week and their offense seems to be full throttle. The Eagles can’t get healthy or protect Carson Wentz they are going to have issues with it again this week.

Denver Broncos (0-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0): Sunday @ 1 PM/ET

Pick: Steelers 23 – Broncos 18

This game will be interesting due to how beat up that Steelers offensive line is. Defense vs defense, because without Von Miller the Broncos still got 8 QB hits last week.

Carolina Panthers (0-1) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1): Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Buccaneers 27 – Panthers 20

The Buccaneers had moments where they looked capable of being a contender, Brady has to clean up his play, which might be hard without Godwin this week. The Panthers defense looks atrocious and Matt Rhule clearly forgot he was creative last week, RUN CMC it’s a simple way to win games.

Washington Football Team (1-0) @ Arizona Cardinals (1-0): Sunday @ 4:05PM/ET

Picks: Cardinals 23 – Redskins 18

I almost took the upset, I just don’t see the Washington defense stopping DeAndre Hopkins. The pass rushes will hit home for sure this week on both teams and will be fun to watch. I expect a fumble from both QBs in this game.

Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) @ LA Chargers (1-0): Sunday @ 4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Chiefs 30 – Chargers 24

I think the Chargers will compete with the Chiefs better now without the turnovers they had the last few years. Mahomes will be Mahomes though and deliver the goods for the Chiefs fans.

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) @ Houston Texans (0-1): Sunday @ 4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Ravens 31 – Texans 17

The Texans don’t have the weapons to handle the Ravens defense. The one way they can help themselves possibly control this game is start with the ball and run against a weak Ravens rush defense and keep Lamar off the field. The Ravens simply need to play mistake free Raven football and this game should be all theirs.

New England Patriots (1-0) @ Seattle Seahawks (1-0): Sunday @ 8:20 PM/ET

Pick: Seahawks 27 – Patriots 17

All the Pats fans going oh Cam is going to carry us need to calm down it was Miami. Lets see what you do on the road against Wilson and the Seahawks. Seahawks offense should find success while Cam and his limited weapons should struggle.

Monday Night Football @ 8:15 PM/ET

New Orleans Saints (1-0) @ Las Vegas Raiders (1-0)

Pick: Saints 32 – Raiders 18

The Saints will head to the Death Star as they are calling it and smash the Raiders. The Raiders don’t have defense and an offense that revolves Josh Jacobs nearly exclusively, Bad news the Saints, even without Michael Thomas, still have Kamara, Brees, and Emmanuel Sanders to face that weak defense and a great run defense to slow Jacobs and force Carr to beat them which is laughable.