Top 5 QB’s 5 years from now.

There are plenty of QB’s that have top 5 potential but there are 5 current players that stand out to me. I am excluding college players from this list.

  1. Patrick Mahomes

This one is obvious. Pat is currently the best in the game and shows no sign of that changing any time soon.

2. Deshaun Watson

Deshaun has been a top 10 QB for a couple years now and is only 24 years old. He will be in the prime of his career in 5 years.

3. Carson Wentz

Wentz will keep away from injuries that plagued the beginning of his career and regain his 2017 MVP contender form. Expect big things from Carson in the future.

4. Lamar Jackson

I’m kinda torn on Jackson. I expect NFL defenses to figure him out in the coming years but he was too good last year to not include him on this list. He should be a solid QB for years to come.

5. Joe Burrow

I think Joe has everything a great QB needs in the NFL. HE showed it when he lead the best offense in NCAA history. I expect a nice career from Joe.

Published by Jaycob Lofts

The founder of Inside The Sports World. I am an avid fan of all Detroit sports teams as well as the Michigan State Spartans.

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