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As many of you know the MLB season is down to 60 games due to issues with COVID-19 and the MLB battling the MLBPA for so long on a fair length of season. They all finally settled on 60 games so here is my shortened season prediction.


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#1. NY Yankees (42-18): The Yankees are poised for a great run in their division as 3 of their in division teams are weak while 2 rebuild and the Red Sox are just spinning their wheels. Their roster is elite and will cover for their rotation that really only has two + arms.

#2. Tampa Bay Rays (39-21): The Rays are the only team in this division with the pitching and bats to compete with the Yankees. They won’t win the division but they will fight all season long.

#3. Toronto Blue Jays (31-29): The Jays aren’t playoff ready but their rebuild is honestly going great. They have kept veteran pieces to help their youth talent transition and adjust to the majors. I believe if they can add a few FA’s in the off-season they could be competitive next year for the division.

#4. Boston Red Sox (28-32): The Red Sox unless they spend money are bound for mediocrity. They have no real farm system, their pitching staff is ROUGH, their bats took a big hit with the loss of Mookie Betts. This is going to be a rough time to be a Red Sox fan.

#5. Baltimore Orioles (25-35): The Orioles organization has a whole lot to be excited about moving forward. They have drafted exceptionally well in the past 3 years and have a youth movement on the way. They will have to grind through this season and without Mancini 25 wins is probably optimistic, but I have a weird feeling this year they compete more then expected by most so call me optimistic.

AL Central:

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#1. Minnesota Twins (39-21): The Twins will win a tight divisional race thanks to a shortened season giving their power bats and great top of the rotation a chance to dominate early. They are still a fairly young team so I expect there to be ups and downs but still strong enough to win this division and make the playoffs.

#2. Cleveland Indians (36-24): The Indians are in a weird position where it seems like they are trying to compete and rebuild all at once and it won’t work. They will finish +500 this year due to good arms and a few good bats, but they have some work to do.

#3. Chicago White Sox (31-29): Look I am not buying what they are selling. Yes they have done contract cheap which is great but is the talent really their as far as pitching goes. I say its really not. Giolito had a great year last year, but look at his previous year. I believe in showing consistency before buying it’s there. The White Sox could very well prove me wrong, but for now they are just above .500.

#4. Kansas City Royals (20-40): This team is bad and honestly their farm system is far from relevant. They have Bobby Witt but along way to go. Their roster has a few pieces left on it they could sell for prospects, but they will struggle all season long. Thankfully for them they play in the same division as the Tigers.

#5. Detroit Tigers (16-44): Hold on to your faith Detroit fans, your team is building its future pieces slowly. This year is going to be a true test of your faith but next year they will improve some and continue to do so.

AL West:

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#1. Houston Astros (38-22): The Astros might cheat, but their talent still wins games without it. I think they do well for themselves this season as they try to distance themselves from their tainted years.

#2. LA Angels (35-25): The Angels are not a great team, but they have really solid pieces. They do seem to be stuck in the limbo of battling for a top 3 spot in the West every year and unable to be considered a favorite even with Mike Trout. I blame that on the pitching and lack of depth to their bats.

#3. Oakland Athletics (32-28): The A’s are a good team, but not a playoff team this year. They always do better than people think their roster is set up to do, Billy Beane take a bow every year man. Anyway the A’s have a shot at winning a few more than this, but I feel safe saying they are a 32-28 team this season with hopes at the playoffs next season.

#4. Texas Rangers (26-34): The Rangers are in need of a rebuild as a lot of their talent has left via FA or retirement. They have some pieces to build around and wouldn’t need a full rebuild, but shouldn’t expect to be competitive for a few years. They will win some close games though this year and show promise to a future in their new stadium.

#5. Seattle Mariners (23-37): Oh Seattle, I wish we could see you guys finally cross the line to a true competitor, but you are headed the other direction as of late. You clearly have started a rebuild which is good because the city and dedicated Mariner fans deserve to see this team get the glory they have long awaited. Keep waiting Mariner fans it will come soon enough.

NL East:

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#1. Atlanta Braves (41-19): The Braves are a top 2 team in the National league and should dominate the East. Their roster is stacked from arms to bats with a bright future all in the mold. This organization has done a phenomenal job building a true dynasty which they will soon realize.

#2. Philadelphia Phillies (37-23): The Phils have the arms and bats to have a great year. I do not think they are World Series bound but they are surely playoff contenders. They have 0 reasons to miss out on that this year.

#3. Washington Nationals (33-27): The Nationals are reigning champs, though the loss of Rendon will hurt this team, I feel they are still bound for a good season. I do think the loss of Rendon and Ryan Zimmerman (sitting out 2020 due to COVID) will hurt their chances of a repeat entirely though.

#4. New York Mets (24-36): They definitely need a new owner and direction at this club as they aren’t headed anywhere spectacular anytime soon. This season they will feel the loss of Noah Syndergaard as well. Sorry Mets fans, but this season will not be fun.

#5. Miami Marlins (21-39): They are going to have a bad season due to having no arms. The pitching in Miami has been a problem for a while though and they have added some pieces to improve that in the minors, but it will be a year or two until that shows itself in the majors.

NL Central:

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#1. STL Cardinals (38-22): The Cardinals are a good team in a very competitive division, but I believe they come out on top due to the deeper roster. Their arms from the top of the rotation to the bottom of the rotation are just better than their divisional competition.

#2. Cincinnati Reds (35-25): The Reds are considered an underdog favorite for the World Series, but I don’t see it. They are a good team but they aren’t among the MLB elite. The Reds have a great set of bats though and could hit their way to a top spot in this division if their pitching surprises me.

#3. Milwaukee Brewers (34-26): The Brewers are a good team, possibly a playoff team, but with a shortened season their small inconsistencies are going to bite them at the end of the season when it comes down to it.

#4. Chicago Cubs (29-31): The Cubs are some peoples favorites to win the division, I have to ask if they have watched baseball the last two years. The Cubs are a team in dire need of a tear down as their pitching is gone or old. Their hitting has some phenomenal pieces but is shallow at the bottom of their lineup and will cost them.

#5. Pittsburgh Pirates (13-47): The Pirates are my pick for the worst team in baseball. I almost considered single digit wins, that is how bad this team is. They have three players to excite you and the rest of their roster as their salary payment would indicate is average or below average. I feel this season is going to be a real eye opener for the Pirate fans.

NL West:

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#1 LA Dodgers (44-16): The Dodgers are my top pick in baseball this season. Their roster is loaded in talent top to bottom and still have a couple top prospects left to show. The Dodgers should be the favorite to win the series this year and finish with the best record in the league.

#2. Arizona Diamondbacks (33-27): The D-Backs aren’t quite a playoff team but a decent team in a division with a lot of struggling teams. The D-Backs look to show the additions of Mad-Bum and Starling Marte could give them a re-routed direction to a competitive future soon.

#3. Colorado Rockies (26-34): The Rockies are going to have moments this year that show they have talent, but their arms are inconsistent and will fail them. I do love their lineup and hope they can turn around this franchise soon.

#4. San Diego Padres (25-35): This team could honestly surprise me and many others and wind up +10 from where I have them predicted. I just need to see it before I believe in it. I like their talent and the youth in their system as well.

#5. San Francisco Giants (22-38): The Giants are one of the teams in baseball currently at the beginning of the tear down and rebuild process as this year is the first year of that movement. They will steal some wins with their relatively weak division, but are bound for the bottom of this division.

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