MLB season in trouble 3 days in

After three games we have come to a place where we could see the season just be cancelled.

The Marlin’s have had a pandemic breakout of COVID-19. Reporter John Heyman has confirmed 40% of the Marlin’s roster has tested positive for COVID-19. 4 more players have been added to that list after this weekend’s games. They said at least 8 more have been added since as well.

Their game today has been cancelled which was their home opener against the Orioles. Karl Ravech of ESPN has confirmed commissioner Manfred has the power to suspend/cancel the season if a team or teams suffer an outbreak and competitive integrity is compromised. I would call 40% of a roster to be that and coaches as well being affected. Expect more news as the day goes on.

Cover photo from: Valley News Live

Published by Matt Koontz

I am a sports fanatic and have been since I was 6 years old. I was an all-state baseball player and trained in Muay Thai. I love the MLB, UFC, NHL, NCAAF, and am a draft nut.

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