MLB schedule change

COVID-19 is running wild through the Marlins organization as I noted yesterday. They just finished a three game series against the Phillies in Philadelphia.

MLB has now told the Marlins they can’t return until Monday to play and the Phillies can’t play until Friday regardless of 0 positive Covid test results on their roster.

The Yankees were supposed to play 4 games with the Phillies monday-thursday. They already cancelled Monday and Tuesdays games in Philly.

The Orioles were supposed to play the Marlins monday-thursday. They cancelled those games as well.

MLB has now changed the schedule to adjust for those games with it now being that Baltimore and New York will play in Baltimore, Wednesday and Thursday. The teams will still make up the games previously scheduled once this mess is all cleared up and baseball can return back to normal.

Published by Matt Koontz

I am a sports fanatic and have been since I was 6 years old. I was an all-state baseball player and trained in Muay Thai. I love the MLB, UFC, NHL, NCAAF, and am a draft nut.

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