2020 Week 1 NFL Picks

Houston @ Kansas City TNF @ 8:20 PM on NBC

Pick: Kansas City-34 Houston-24

The KC offense will be too much for the Houston defense. – JL

Pick: Kansas City- 36 Houston 27

The Chiefs simply have better weapons than the Texans, their offense will roll all game while the Texans will have moments. – MK

Miami @ New England, Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: New England-24 Miami-21

Miami will hang in there but the Pats defense will make enough plays to get the win here. – JL

Pick: New England 20 – Miami 17

For me these two teams are far from playoff contenders, but it comes down to Cam Newton > Ryan Fitzpatrick. – MK

Chicago @ Detroit, Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Detroit-20 Chicago-13

A healthy Stafford with an improved defense should be enough to get by the Bears. – JL

Pick: Detroit 27 – Chicago 17

The Lions are far superior to the Bears on every aspect of the game. – MK

Seattle @ Atlanta, Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Seattle-27 Atlanta-23

One of the best games of the week. Wilson gets it done in the 4th quarter. – JL

Pick: Seattle 24 – Atlanta 20

This game will come down to the final possession in which I believe the Seahawks will make a defensive stand. – MK

Philadelphia @ Washington, Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Philadelphia-34 Washington-13

Philly is better on offense and defense. Philly wins pretty easy. – JL

Pick: Philadelphia 27 – Washington 10

The Redskins defense is a good unit, but their offense is a joke, Eagles take this easy. – MK

Green Bay @ Minnesota, Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Minnesota-24 Green Bay-21

Minnesota lost a lot on defense but I think they still have enough to get the win over the Packers at home. – JL

Pick: Green Bay 24 – Minnesota 20

No Michael Pierce, Danielle Hunter, Everson Griffen, Trey Waynes, I believe this defense will be run through by Aaron Jones enough for the Packers to pick up the win. – MK

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville, Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Indianapolis-31 Jacksonville-24

The Jacksonville defense is no good and Indy will take advantage in a big way. – JL

Pick: Indianapolis 34 – Jacksonville 10

The Jags are clearly tanking while the Colts have Rivers behind an elite offensive line, I am really excited. – MK

Cleveland @ Baltimore, Sunday @1 PM/ET

Pick: Baltimore-34 Cleveland-21

The Ravens defense will show that they are still elite and set the offense up with plenty of good opportunities to score. – JL

Pick: Baltimore 31 – Cleveland 17

Baker is not even average, the Ravens defense is elite. – MK

NY Jets @ Buffalo, Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Buffalo-17 NY Jets-13

This screams low scoring to me. Buffalo gets the win in a very defensive game. -JL

Pick: Buffalo 28 – NY Jets 17

Adam Gase is still the head coach, so the Jets offense finds no rhythm and struggles. – MK

Las Vegas @ Carolina, Sunday @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Carolina-24 Las Vegas-17

Teddy will be just good enough to compliment CMC. – JL

Pick: Carolina 24 – Las Vegas – 20

I think this game will be fun to watch, in the end Bridgewater’s lack of turnovers win this game. – MK

LA Chargers @ Cincinnati, Sunday @ 4:05 PM/ET

Pick: Los Angeles-27 Cincinnati-16

Tyrod has plenty of weapons to put up points on this Bengals defense. – JL

Pick: LA Chargers 28 – Cincinnati 17

The Bengals offensive line is a steaming pile of garbage so bad that a high school team in Texas could outplay them, Bosa and Ingram will tear them apart. – MK

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans, Sunday @ 4:25 PM/ET

Pick: New Orleans-34 Tampa Bay-24

Tom in Tampa won’t be enough to beat Brees in New Orleans. -JL

Tampa Bay 27 – New Orleans 24

The Bucs offense is far deeper than the Saints, and in the 4th quarter it makes the difference needed for the win. – MK

Arizona @ San Fransisco, Sunday @ 4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Arizona-24 San Fransisco-21

Super Bowl hangover combined with an improving team. Arizona with the upset. – JL

Pick: Arizona 23 – San Francisco 20

Cardinals offense got better, the 49ers offense is beat up already and will struggle with their subpar QB. – MK

Dallas @ LA Rams, Sunday night football @ 8:20 PM/ET on NBC

Pick: LA Rams-27 Dallas-24

Goff starts his bounce back season with a good performance in the season opener. – JL

Pick: Dallas 30 – Rams 24

The Cowboys are all around just a better team and Ramsey can slow down Cooper, but Gallup and Lamb should run wild. – MK

Pittsburgh @ NY Giants Monday @ 7:10 PM/ET on ESPN

Pick: Pittsburgh-30 NY Giants- 17

Big Ben is back and the offense improves a lot. – JL

Pick: Pittsburgh 34 – NY Giants 20

Ben returns with a win against an inferior Giants defense. – MK

Tennessee @ Denver, Monday @ 10:20 PM/ET on ESPN

Pick: Denver-20 Tennessee 13

The Denver defense slow down Henry and hold on to win at home. – JL

Pick: Tennessee 21 – Denver 20

The Titans score late and stop the Denver offense from mounting a comeback late, then use Henry to burn clock. – MK

KEY: JL- Jaycob Lofts, MK- Matt Koontz

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