NFL Power Rankings Week 1

Here are Matt Koontz’s power rankings entering the NFL season, I will be doing one each week.

NFL Power Rankings

#1. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have the most talented roster in the league top to bottom. The Ravens are going to be hard to stop.

#2. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs offense is going to be hard to stop, I do worry about the defense though.

#3. New Orleans Saints: The Saints are going to be tough to stop in the NFC and Brees is hoping to get one more Super Bowl before retiring.

#4. Green Bay Packers (12-4): The Packers are in their second year under head coach Matt LaFleur which is great for Aaron Jones. The defense, I believe will be slightly better as the young players are getting closer to their prime talents. I like their schedule this year too.

#5. Buffalo Bills: The Bills defense is elite and their offense gained Stefon Diggs. This team is hard not to be excited by, the only question mark is can Josh Allen limit his turnovers. The Bills are an interesting team this year for sure.

#6. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks are terribly underrated for some reason entering this season. I love the offense this season as DK Metcalf continues to grow. The Seahawks added Jamal Adams to bring the boom on defense.

#7. San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers defense is the reason this team will be successful. The 49ers pass rush, run stopping abilities, and ability to slow down the pass is going to carry this team. Their issue is their QB is going to hinder the talent on offense.

#8. Philadelphia Eagles: If I could trust this team to stay healthy, I would have them 12-4 easily. The simple matter is they are already hurt and have been hurt way too often over the years. Eagles fans hated him but this issue didn’t exist under Chip Kelly and his advancements on sports science. Something has to change if injuries hinder this team again this season.

#9. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers are hoping Ben can stay healthy for the first time in years. They were near a playoff contender with a rotating door at QB. Their defense can carry the team pretty far, with Ben they can possibly shatter my expectations.

#10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I believe Brady can make this team a playoff threat, but I need to see him in a system without Bill before I drink the kool-aid.

#11. Indianapolis Colts: Rivers behind an elite offensive line is so exciting. The addition of Jonathan Taylor will give them depth at RB like no other. The defense is going to be crucial into the teams ability to stop offenses they come across.

#12. Arizona Cardinals: I love the offense and the addition of Isiah Simmons automatically makes the Cardinals a better team. The Cardinals are a team that could surprise a lot of people.

#13. LA Chargers: Tyrod doesn’t turn the ball over which gives this defense the ability to rest and play consistent football. This team is going to be a surprise as most have them written off, to those people I say not so fast.

#14. Denver Broncos: The loss of Von Miller is going to cost this defense some which could hurt the as Drew Lock will have ups and downs. I believe Lock becomes a star in this league, but will show some struggles at times this season as he grows.

#15. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys are a team I just can’t get sold on yet. Mike McCarthy needs time to set up his system and I think this year will be an adjustment period. The talent is there it just comes down to coaching and Dak’s inability to lead this team against playoff caliber teams.

#16. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons improved their offensive line which is nice, though I don’t think their pass rush will do it’s job. Don’t get me wrong this team has potential to make a run with their offense, but that defense does concern me greatly.

#17. Tennessee Titans: The Titans have the defense and ground game, but I am far from sold on their over priced QB that is all about check downs. This team will be disappointing compared to where they finished last year.

#18. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings are missing a large part of their defense on this roster with Everson Griffen gone, Danielle Hunter out due to injury for a few weeks, Trey Waynes gone. This team is going to need consistency on offense to keep this defense off the field.

#19. Houston Texans: The Texans traded their best weapon for Watson to throw the ball to. They didn’t improve the offensive line, didn’t upgrade the tight end position, downgraded at running back. The offense is going to struggle and Watt needs to stay healthy on defense.

#20. Detroit Lions: The Lions are a team I could see actually contending this year IF they stay healthy. They HAVE to stay healthy though for that to be the case which has been an issue. The Lions players also have to work out their issues with Matt Patricia.

#21. LA Rams: The Rams are broke, with no money left to sign anyone if they lose a star to injury. That is a dangerous place to live especially since their offensive line is weak to start with and their line backers could use some work. I am sorry Rams fans this team is going in the wrong direction.

#22. New England Patriots: Cam Newton is working hard and I believe in him, but 8 players opted out. They have lost key pieces on defense as well, plus Brady is gone. The Pats will struggle to find any momentum this season unless Bill somehow surprises us.

#23. Las Vegas Raiders: They need to upgrade at QB and head coach before I will ever believe this team is headed somewhere. Gruden has been dated by the league and he is struggling to catch up while Carr seems to have moments and then regression.

#24. Cleveland Browns: A roster dripping with talent you would think is bound for top 10 in a power rankings, but they have two concerns. The Browns have an issue at QB as Baker somehow is regressing already as he gets further from Lincoln Riley. The Browns are also under a new head coach which without a preseason means the team will take time to learn.

#25. Miami Dolphins: I like how the Dolphins finished the season. I believe it will take patience, but this team has a future.

#26. New York Giants: The Giants with Joe Judge could grow offensively throughout the season. The issue with the Giants though is simply their defense, as their pass rush is bad, their corners are weak, possibly the weakest in the league. I think the Giants got a rough year ahead for sure.

#27. New York Jets: The roster has more talent than a good amount of the teams above them, but Adam Gase is the worst coach in football and will continue to hinder this roster.

#28. Chicago Bears: The NFC Norths worst team will be hindered by the worst starting QB in the NFL with a subpar ground game. Their defense has nice pieces but holes in it as a unit. Bears fans have a long way to go.

#29. Carolina Panthers: This might seem harsh, but the team is going through a complete overhaul. Their defense is weak outside of the defensive line and their offense has been changed greatly. Without a preseason I think the new system on offense will take time to develop which is why I have them low here with room to grow for sure.

#30. Washington Football Team: Almost as bad as starting the season with this as the team name here comes the team. The defense is great up front, hell elite even, but their secondary is shaky at best which will get exposed. Their offense has only one receiver in Terry McClaurin, not a single tight end worth mentioning, their ground game is horrid, their offensive line is MIA, and Haskins is probably the second worst starting QB in the league. This offense will kill this team and exhaust the defense.

#31. Cincinnati Bengals: I think Burrow’s leadership is something that was missing under Dalton, but their offensive line is easily the worst in the league. The defense is probably the worst in the league overall.

#32. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags are the worst team in the NFL. Their tank for Lawrence plan has surely worked with all the trading of talent and letting other talent walk. Minshew is not good enough to win games for a team by himself which he will now have to do. This team would be lucky to go 3-13 this season.

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