NFL Power Rankings Week 2

My power rankings week 2. The previous weeks rankings will be in parentheses next to their current ranking.

Week 2 Power Rankings:

1.(1) Baltimore Ravens (1-0): The Ravens absolutely dominated the Browns and made Baker look worse than any QB in the NFL. Lamar and the defense combined are going to be issues for this league. The only negative this team has is their rush defense, which could hurt them down the road.

2.(2) Kansas City Chiefs (1-0): The Chiefs offense looked incredible with a real RB at the helm last week. Their defense still has some question marks though and I believe the Ravens crazy offense would smack it around.

3. (6) Seattle Seahawks (1-0): The Seahawks traveled to the east coast to start the season and pretty much dominated the Falcons. Jamaal Adams really made this defense play with attitude and a fire that is rare these days in an offensive league, the NFL better watch out if they continue to let Russell have reigns to this offense.

4. (4) Green Bay Packers (1-0): Damn, the Packers came into Minnesota and threw all over this team we call a top defensive team. Yes, their success could rely on Davante Adams, but MVS is gaining Rodgers trust and respect which could be great.

5. (3) New Orleans Saints (1-0): I would have the Saints higher but Michael Thomas out a few weeks with an ankle injury really hinders this teams offense and concerns me.

6. (5) Buffalo Bills (1-0): The coaching staff alone is incredible, but the talent on this roster is not to be messed with. I love their defense and a young hungry offense, this team is going to have it’s downs but it’s highs are going to be fun as hell to watch.

7. (9) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0): The Steelers defense is absolutely incredible. I questioned their offensive line, but the way Benny Snell was able to run wild showed that there are no questions this line is still solid. They could continue to climb the rankings with their talent if they stay healthy.

8. (12) Arizona Cardinals (1-0): The Cardinals looked great for no preseason to practice with their new weapon, DeAndre Hopkins. This offense could be really effective the entire season.

9. (21) LA Rams (1-0): Their jump isn’t due to them dominating, because they had a close hard fought victory, it’s due to my underestimation of Sean McVay as a coach and his ability to turn this roster into a competitor. The Rams looked good and I would like to see them in a tougher test.

10. (7) San Francisco 49ers (0-1): The 49ers are hard to figure considering they have 0 healthy weapons at WR right now and their QB just isn’t top tier. I could post average numbers with Kittle as a weapon and Shanahan as my head coach. Their defense will get back to the elite level that got them to the Superbowl after a few games, though they need to figure out how to defend mobile QB’s.

11. (13) LA Chargers (1-0): The Chargers defense is sneaky good even without Derwin James. The offense won’t turn the ball over under Tyrod which is HUGE considering how big of an issue it was last year. I am not saying they are fun to watch but they are effective.

12. (10) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1): I am concerned slightly by 3 consecutive games with a pick 6 by Tom Brady. That being said Mike Evans is rehabbing an injury, Fournette isn’t fully healthy nor adjusted to the system. Tom does need to stop focusing so hard on Gronk being the top target and realize Evans and Godwin are the best weapons on the roster. The team will be okay in time, no preseason hurt them greatly.

13. (17) Tennessee Titans (1-0): The Titans still have a great defense which will help them a lot this season. Derrick Henry is still Derrick Henry as well so the Titans are still dangerous, even with an at best average QB.

14. (15) Dallas Cowboys (0-1): The Cowboys had a decent game for being under a new coach on the road without a preseason. I think they have the best shot to win their weak division, they must fix being 1-7 in their last 8 one score games.

15. (22) New England Patriots (1-0): It was only the Dolphins, but the Pats defense still looked great. I am always amazed by Belichick and his ability to coach the talent on roster. Cam with a short time with the team seemed to be like a leader who knew the offense. This week against Seattle might not be pretty but this team could sneak their way into the playoffs.

16. (11) Indianapolis Colts (0-1): Trust JT is simple, but something the Colts clearly seemed to have no interest in for some reason. They asked Rivers to throw 46 times which seems to be a lot for a QB new to the team and system without a preseason to adjust. I think the Colts still are very capable of winning the division.

17. (19) Houston Texans (0-1): They might have started out with a loss, but their offense seemed to find some rhythm looked good later in the game. The Ravens though could send them plummeting.

18. (16) Atlanta Falcons (0-1): The Falcons will be okay after their loss, but their ground game is going to hurt them down the road. Julio is still Julio and could pick them up some wins alone with his strong impact.

19. (23) Las Vegas Raiders (1-0): They went on the road to Carolina for a early game and their offense looked good. There is no faith in this defense to be had though.

20. (30) Washington Football Team (1-0): This pass rush and defensive front 7 is a force. Haskins leadership showed some growth from last year at halftime and it motivated his offense to a hell of a comeback against a divisional rival Eagles.

21. (8) Philadelphia Eagles (0-1): The talent is there but never healthy, and their offensive line is so bad I could beat them to Wentz. They have to get healthy and protect their QB to be respected.

22. (14) Denver Broncos (0-1): The Broncos offense is good, their defense is a concern though. Losing Von Miller to injury and Chris Harris to free agency has left this defense without a true leader and it seemed a bit off.

23. (18) Minnesota Vikings (0-1): Wow this defense lost too many pieces and is horrendous. The offense is a good unit, but your offense can’t function when your defense doesn’t have the ability to stop an offense at all.

24. (32) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0): The win over the Colts has given me faith in them some that they aren’t the worst team in the league. Heck they aren’t even the worst team to pick up a win after week 1. They really looked decent against a tough opponent on opening week.

25. (28) Chicago Bears (1-0): The Bears are the worst team to pick up a win in the first week of the season. They should have lost honestly but horrendous coaching and an offense that sputtered its wheels the entire second half gave them a win week 1.

26. (31) Cincinnati Bengals (0-1): Joe Burrow looked good week 1 for a rookie without a preseason, truly it was impressive. With a good and mobile QB at the helm the Bengals could show some positive steps forward from a disheartening season last year.

27. (24) Cleveland Browns (0-1): Yikes the Browns have way too much talent on this roster to get smashed the way they did. Simply Baker is garbage and Stefanski might be in slightly over his head.

28. (25) Miami Dolphins (0-1): The Dolphins offense was tough to watch last week though their defense should be no issue. The coaching staff will fix the issues but Tua taking over some day should help this teams lackluster offense.

29. (20) Detroit Lions (0-1): The constant collapses are embarrassing and a disgrace. Matt Patricia probably should have been fired in the off-season and could be fired at the end of week 4 when they start the season 0-4 heading into a bye week.

30. (29) Carolina Panthers (0-1): They had a west coast team in Carolina for a 1 PM start time and couldn’t play an ounce of defense. Matt Rhule seems to not understand the Panthers hired him to be creative as he decided to run a full back run on 4th and 1 with the game on the line, with Christian McCaffery just standing in the backfield.

31. (26) New York Giants (0-1): Joe Judge looked confused and Barkley has started to show he might be HR or nothing as of late. We can blame the offensive line, but 15 carries for 6 yards, you gotta break some tackles and read some breakdowns on your own.

32. (27) New York Jets (0-1): Adam Gase might be the worst head coach in NFL history. This team is going to continue to fail as long as they keep him running the team. The Jets have talent but Gase is the worst thing to happen to this franchise and needs to be freed of the burden to the fans.

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