Week 3 Predictions

Houston Texans (0-2) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0): @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Steelers 26 – Texans 20

The Texans will again, have no defense. They don’t protect Watson and the Steelers pass rush will run them over. This game will not be as close as the score says, Watson will get a late TD to close within a score. Steelers defense should feast.

Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) @ Philadelphia Eagles (0-2): @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Bengals 31 – Eagles 26

The Bengals haven’t been great, but they are getting healthy while the Eagles continue to be plagued with injuries. Wentz has looked off with his footwork and delivery this year and that has nothing to do with injuries. I worry about the Eagles.

San Francisco 49ers (1-1) @ NY Giants (0-2): @ 1 PM/ET

Pick: 49ers 17 – Giants 13

The Giants are without Barkley, Daniel Jones has been a turnover machine. Even without Jimmy G, Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, and George Kittle and Deebo Samuel the 49ers run game and defense will carry this team past an inferior Giants team.

Las Vegas Raiders (2-0) @ New England Patriots (1-1): @ 1PM/ET

Pick: Patriots 30 – Raiders 27

The Pats with Cam Newton look dangerous and regardless of holdouts all over the defense they still look above average. The Raiders have been so impressive thus far, but I think they just get slightly outplayed here. I expect a great game between the two most surprising teams of 2020 so far.

Tennessee Titans (2-0) @ Minnesota Vikings (0-2): @1PM/ET

Pick: Titans 30 – Vikings 21

The Titans are a much better team than the Vikings. Cousins is the far inferior QB in this battle and the Vikings defense is so bad. Titans confidently roll.

Washington Football Team (1-1) @ Cleveland Browns (1-1): @1PM/ET

Pick: Washington Football Team 24 – Browns 20

LA Rams (2-0) @ Buffalo Bills (2-0): @1PM/ET

Pick: Bills 27 – Rams 24

This should be one hell of a game in a week of great games. The Bills have a little more to offer all-around in talent is why I am giving them the slight edge. Ed Oliver vs Aaron Donald is exciting as can be as well.

Chicago Bears (2-0) @ Atlanta Falcons (0-2): @1PM/ET

Pick: Falcons 30 – Bears 23

The Falcons have to erase last weeks memory and even without Julio are the better team with the better QB. The Bears need their pass rush to show up if they want to upset the Falcons fans.

Carolina Panthers (0-2) @ LA Chargers (1-1): @ 4:05PM/ET

Pick: Chargers 31 – Panthers 17

This should be a blowout if Herbert plays the way he did last week behind that hell of a run game. The Panthers are without McCaffery and a rookie head coach struggling to find rhythm. I love the Chargers this week as my LOCK OF THE WEEK.

NY Jets (0-2) @ Indianapolis Colts (1-1): @4:05 PM/ET

Pick: Colts 34 – Jets 10

Rivers, JT, Hilton should all feast on this bad Jets team. The Jets will struggle to find any success against the Colts defense, plus Adam Gase is still the head coach so that is an even bigger hinderance.

Dallas Cowboys (1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (2-0): @4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Seahawks 36 – Cowboys 31

This game should be a shootout with no defense on either side of the ball. For the Seahawks it’s fairly simple let Russ cook baby! The Cowboys need to get up early and run all game long to keep Russ off the field you can’t play comeback games against Wilson.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) @ Denver Broncos (0-2): @4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Buccaneers 28 – Broncos 17

The Broncos are without their franchise QB Drew Lock and now have to deal with Brady and the Bucs. I like the two headed monster at RB between RoJo and Fournette. Bucs should hold this down easily.

Detroit Lions (0-2) @ Arizona Cardinals (2-0): @4:25 PM/ET

Pick: Cardinals 31 – Lions 20

The Cardinals should dominate this Lions team. They are coached better, Kyler has been playing at an MVP level so far, Hopkins should feast, I honestly can’t see a reason the Cardinals lose this one. The Lions will need to pound the rock and get ahead early for any chance in this one.

Sunday Night Football @ 8:20 PM/ET on NBC

Green Bay Packers (2-0) @ New Orleans Saints (1-1):

Pick: Packers 37 – Saints 33

Aaron Rodgers is used to being without Adams at times and needing to make more of his roster then he has. Brees looked completely lost without Michael Thomas as it was the first real time without his top weapon and target. I lean towards Rodgers right now.

Monday Night Football @ 8:15 PM/ET on ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) @ Baltimore Ravens (2-0):

Pick: Ravens 29 – Chiefs 27

The Ravens have looked incredible so far while the Chiefs have looked good, but not great so far. Mahomes vs Lamar should be fun, though I think the Ravens will take note on how the Chargers ran through the Chiefs and run all over them. This game could honestly be game of the season for 2020. Enjoy fans.

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I am a sports fanatic and have been since I was 6 years old. I was an all-state baseball player and trained in Muay Thai. I love the MLB, UFC, NHL, NCAAF, and am a draft nut.

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