Week 4 NFL Predictions 2020

This has been a really difficult week to figure out what is actually going on due to COVID and players getting COVID. The Titans vs Steelers has been postponed due to the Titans franchise having COVID breakouts and the Patriots vs Chiefs has been moved to Monday night as of now due to Cam Newton getting Covid.

I am also going to change up my way of making picks and give my 3-keys to victory for each team with my prediction instead of just a pick and a sentence or two.

Baltimore Ravens (2-1) @ Washington Football Team (1-2) @ 1 PM/ET:

Keys to Victory for the Ravens:
1. Just play Raven football, this is a easy win.
2. Enjoy the turnovers on defense and bounce back from a tough loss.
3. Get the pass rush going.

Keys to victory for the Football Team:
1. Get Haskins out of the game.
2. Blitz hard and often, make Lamar uncomfortable.
3. Play a very physical defensive game on the wideouts and keep the run game locked down.

Pick: Ravens 34 – Football Team 16

LA Chargers (1-2) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) @ 1PM/ET:

Keys to Victory for the Chargers:
1. Let this kid Herbert throw the damn ball down the field not constant dump offs. Let him feast on Keenan Allen.
2. Ekeler/Joshua Kelley need to be fed.
3. Get some pressure on Tom and force 2 INTS

Keys to Victory for the Buccaneers:
2. Ground game has to help out Tom.
3. Mike Evans has to beat Casey Hayward.

Pick: Chargers 27 – Buccaneers 26 (UPSET ALERT)

Seattle Seahawks (3-0) @ Miami Dolphins (1-2) @ 1 PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Seahawks:
1. Let Russ Cook.
2. Defense needs to just play better, not elite but better.
3. Don’t get turnover prone.

Keys to victory for the Dolphins:
1. Fitz will have to outcook Russ
2. The defense will need to stop Lockett and Metcalf (good luck)
3. Get out front early and find a way to lean on the clock.

Pick: Seahawks 36 – Dolphins 23

Minnesota Vikings (0-3) @ Houston Texans (0-3) @1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Vikings:
1. Cousins needs to air it out like last week.
2. Get Watson on the ground often.
3. Get out front early and run the rock with Dalvin to keep Watson off the field.

Keys to victory for the Texans:
1. Watson has to throw all over this bad Vikings defense.
2. JJ Watt has to get cooking and force Cousins to have a bad day.
3. Limit Justin Jefferson’s impact.

Pick: Texans 30 – Vikings 24

New Orleans Saints (1-2) @ Detroit Lions (1-2): @1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Saints:
1. Alvin Kamara will need to dominate.
2. Tre’quan Smith needs to beat Okudah.
3. Get Deonte Harris more touches, he is special.

Keys to victory for the Lions:
1. Play like they did last week against the Cardinals, physical.
2. Let De’Andre Swift carry the ball 15 times.
3. Try to keep Kamara out of the pass game, pretty much an automatic win without Michael Thomas.

Pick: Saints 26 – Lions 23

Cleveland Browns (2-1) @ Dallas Cowboys (1-2) @ 1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Browns:
1. Abuse your two headed monster at RB.
2. Turn over Dak early
3. Baker must still be limited.

Keys to victory for the Cowboys:
1. Feed Zeke and eat the cock.
2. No turnovers on offense.
3. Limit the big plays and force the Browns to chip their way down the field.

Pick: Cowboys 37 – Browns 24

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) @ Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1) @1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Jaguars:
1. James Robinson 20 touches.
2. Laviska Shenault has to help Minshew.
3. Expose the Bengals terrible offensive line.

Keys to victory for the Bengals:
1. Mixon needs to put up 70 on the ground.
2. Burrow and Tee Higgins connection.
3. Turnover Minshew and force him to have to throw his way back.

Pick: Bengals 28 – Jaguars 23.

Arizona Cardinals (2-1) @ Carolina Panthers (1-2) @ 1PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Cardinals:
1. Kyler needs to limit his turnovers.
2. Get the ground game going this week and keep your injured secondary off the field.
3. Get after Teddy Bridgewater often and early.

Keys to victory for the Panthers:
1. Abuse the Cardinals beat up secondary with DJ Moore and Robby Anderson
2. Try getting Ian Thomas into the game plan some.
3. Donte Jackson has to limit D-Hop.

Pick: Panthers 23 – Cardinals 20 (Upset Alert)

Giants (0-3) @ LA Rams (2-1) @ 4:05PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Giants:
1. Honestly hope for a miracle.
2. Daniel Jones has to stop fumbling the ball, like C’mon man.
3. Force Darrell Henderson to beat you, not Goff and co.

Keys to victory for the Rams:
1. Don’t turn the ball over multiple times.
2. Set Aaron Donald loose on the Giants bad offensive line.
3. Just play Rams football

Pick: Rams 37 – Giants 14

Buffalo Bills (3-0) @ Las Vegas Raiders (2-1) @ 4:25PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Bills:
1. Pound the rock down the Raiders throat.
2. Josh Allen just keep playing your way.
3. Make Derek Carr beat you and shut down Josh Jacobs.

Keys to victory for the Raiders:
1. Josh Jacobs as much as possible, in the pass game and ground game.
2. Maxx Crosby has to reach Allen often, even just QB hits can change his effectiveness.
3. Limit Stefon Diggs.

Pick: Bills 27 – Raiders 24

Indianapolis Colts (2-1) @ Chicago Bears (3-0) @ 4:25PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Colts:
1. Pound the rock with Jonathan Taylor.
2. Rivers has to limit turnovers.
3. Let the top defense in the league do their thing.

Keys to victory for the Bears:
1. Foles will have to find a way to get Miller and Robinson over 80 yards each.
2. David Montgomery will have to show up especially in the pass game without Tarik Cohen.
3. Pass Rush needs to hit home.

Pick: Colts 30 – Bears 26

Sunday Night Football @ 8:20PM/ET:

Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1) @ San Francisco 49ers (2-1):

Keys to victory for the Eagles:
1. Miles Sanders will have to find a way to get a big game.
2. Carson Wentz needs to stop with the ugly INTS, otherwise Jalen Hurts should find the field.
3. Stop the 49ers from pounding the rock.

Keys to victory for the 49ers:
1. Enjoy Aiyuk and Deebo both healthy and together.
2. Nick Mullens needs to find the rhythm he had last week.
3. Let the defense carry you as much as possible this weekend.

Pick: 49ers 30 – Eagles 20

Monday Night Football Double Header:

New England Patriots (2-1) @ Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) @ 7:05PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Patriots:
1. Sony Michel has to have an incredible game with Cam Newtown out.
2. Brian Hoyer has to get Harry and Edelman some yards.
3. The defense will have to do the impossible, slow down Mahomes.

Keys to victory for the Chiefs:
1. Let Mahomes do his thing as always.
2. Stop the run game of the Pats and force Hoyer to beat your defense.
3. Get turnovers on an offense having to change play style.

Pick: Chiefs 27 – Patriots 16

Atlanta Falcons (0-3) @ Green Bay Packers (3-0) @8:50PM/ET:

Keys to victory for the Flacons:
1. It has to be said, if you lead the game after the first half, don’t blow it again.
2. Matt Ryan needs to play all four quarters, not disappear late.
3. The defense has to find a way to hit Rodgers

Keys to victory for the Packers:
1. Aaron Jones needs to get going big time in the pass and ground game.
2. Let Rodgers cook even if Adams doesn’t play.
3. Odd one here, but Robert Tonyan is crucial to this offense this week.

Pick: Packers 31 – Falcons 26.

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