NFL Week 5 Picks

The Broncos vs Patriots game has been cancelled due to COVID, the Titans game is in jeopardy against the Bills.

NFL Week 5 Games:

Panthers (2-2) @ Falcons (0-4): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Panthers:
1. Let Mike Davis keep rolling.
2. Teddy B needs to keep feeding Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore.
3. Derrick Brown has to have a great game stopping the run.

3 keys to victory for the Falcons:
1. Matt Ryan has to play consistent football, not on and off between drives.
2. The Falcons defense has to show up! Dan Quinn you are supposed to be a defensive minded coach.
3. The running game has to contribute more often.

Pick: Panthers 27 – Falcons 23

Bengals (1-2-1) @ Ravens (3-1): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Bengals:
1. Joe Burrow has to throw all over the Ravens at best average pass defense.
2. The defense has to test Lamar’s knee and get a pass rush.
3. Protect Joe Burrow against a below average pass rush.

3 Keys to victory for the Ravens:
1. Protect Lamar and his knee.
2. Pound the rock all game.

Pick: Bengals 24 – Ravens 21 (UPSET ALERT)

Jaguars (1-3) @ Texans (0-4): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Jaguars:
1. James Robinson pound the rock.
2. Minshew has to start being looked at as benchable, Jake Luton can produce similar numbers.
3. This defense and K’Lavon need to stop DeShaun Watson.

3 Keys to victory for the Texans:
1. The worst run defense has to play some run defense.
2. DeShaun Watson has to realize he is carrying this team and just continue to play his style.
3. Romeo is head coach now. Play defense and let the offense throw even more.

Pick: Texans 30 – Jaguars 26

Raiders (2-2) @ Chiefs (4-0): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Raiders:
1. Slow down Mahomes, keep Kelce limited and you do so.
2. The Chiefs are bad against the run, Josh Jacobs run wild.
3. Maxx Crosby single handily can affect this game and just needs to make Mahomes uncomfortable.

3 Keys to victory for the Chiefs:
1. Mahomes has to shake off the Super Bowl high as we have seen him look on and off in two games this season (New England and LA Chargers).
2. Keep playing good defense.
3. Get the ground game going again and keep Josh Jacobs off the field.

Pick: Chiefs 32 – Raiders 24

Cardinals (2-2) @ Jets (0-4): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Cardinals:
1. Murray has to stop turning the ball over.
2. The pass rush has seemingly vanished, show back up.
3. Protect Kyler and maybe open some holes for Drake.

3 Keys to victory for the Jets:
1. Joe Flacco better be ready to run for his life, this Offensive line is a joke.
2. The defense needs to play turnover hungry football.
3. Get consistent play from the offense.

Pick: Cardinals 31 – Jets 10 (Adam Gase should finally be fired right?)

Eagles (1-2-1) @ Steelers (3-0): 1PM/ET:
3 Keys to victory for the Eagles:
2. Miles Sanders has to find success this week.
3. Play their defense which has been very underrated.

3 Keys to victory for the Steelers:
1. Pass rush should feast all game long.
2. Feast on Wentz lack of confidence and footwork issues and get a couple INTS.
3. Run the ball.

Pick: Steelers 31 – Eagles 17

Rams (3-1) @ Football Team (1-3): 1PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Rams:
1. Just play smart McVay coached football this should be easy.
2. Aaron Donald and co. should get plenty of sacks.
3. Feed Cooper Kupp as often as possible.

3 Keys to victory for the Football Team:
1. Find a way to stop Kyle Allen from turning the ball over so much.
2. Protect Kyle Allen.
3. Terry McClaurin has to some how dominate Jalen Ramsay.

Pick: Rams 38 – Football Team 13

Dolphins (1-3) @ 49ers (2-2): 4:05PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Dolphins:
1. Tua time would be great for the offense.
2. Keep the 49ers ground game in check.
3. Force Kittle to be irrelevant somehow.

3 Keys to victory for the 49ers:
1. Jimmy G needs to throw further down the field.
2. Defense has to continue to play ball and avenge their loss last week.
3. Force Tua to be a question on the coaches mind, get Fitz INTS early.

Pick: 49ers 29 – Dolphins 20

Colts (3-1) @ Browns (3-1): 4:25PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Colts:
1. Stop the Browns ground game, make them miss Nick Chubb.
2. POUND THE ROCK with Jonathan Taylor, he can carry this offense when holding a lead.
3. Force Baker to beat you with his arm, he is mistake prone.

3 Keys to victory for the Browns:
1. Kareem Hunt has to pound the rock against the best defense in the league and get open in the passing game.
2. No turnovers.
3. The defense has to try and keep up play wise with the Colts D.

Pick: Colts 33 – Browns 20

Giants (0-4) @ Cowboys (1-3): 4:25PM/ET
3 Keys to victory for the Giants:
1. Giants defense has to find a way to stop the passing game of the Cowboys.
2. Freeman has to run well and help keep the Cowboys offense off the field.
3. Daniel Jones needs to stop turning the ball over.

3 Keys to victory for the Cowboys:
1. Dak/Zeke have to stop fumbling the ball.
2. The pass rush has to show why it’s paid so well and help the pass defense.
3. Zeke needs to get the chains off his ankles, he is starting to remind me of Eddie Lacy.

Pick: Cowboys 34 – Giants 23

Sunday Night Football @ 8:20PM/ET:

Vikings (1-3) @ Seahawks (4-0)
3 Keys to victory for the Vikings:
1. Run all game long, don’t rely on Cousins.
2. If they fall behind get Justin Jefferson his touches as much as possible.
3. Defense has to somehow slow down Russell Wilson and Chris Carson

3 Keys to victory for the Seahawks:
1. Pound the rock with Chris Carson and keep Dalvin Cook off the field as much as possible.
2. Let Russ Cook on this terrible Vikings pass defense.
3. This atrocious pass rush has to show up.

Pick: Seahawks 30 – Vikings 26

Monday Night Football @8:15PM/ET: Happy Indigenous peoples day

Chargers (1-3) @ Saints (2-2)
3 Keys to victory for the Chargers:
1. Continue letting Herbert throw the ball deep, Herbert just has to close.
2. Defense needs to come get Drew Brees.
3. Find a way to slow down Kamara.

3 Keys to victory for the Saints:
1. Kamara can carry this team to victory.
2. Michael Thomas needs to just play his football.
3. The defense needs to show back up that has gone missing of late.

Pick: Chargers 27 – Saints 24 (UPSET ALERT)

Tuesday Night Football @ 7PM/ET:

Bills (4-0) @ Titans (3-0): This game might be cancelled still due to COVID running rampid through the Titans organization. Keep an eye on for updates involving that.
3 Keys to victory for the Bills:
1. Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs all game long.
2. Get Tannehill uncomfortable early.
3. No turnovers on offense and keep Derrick Henry off the field.

3 Keys to victory for the Titans:
1. Ryan Tannehill needs to torch this pass defense.
2. Derrick Henry needs to exploit the Bills run defense.
3. Try to force Josh Allen to remain in the pocket and limit the deep balls.

Pick: Bills 26 – Titans 21

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