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NFL Week 5 Picks

The Broncos vs Patriots game has been cancelled due to COVID, the Titans game is in jeopardy against the Bills. NFL Week 5 Games: Panthers (2-2) @ Falcons (0-4): 1PM/ET3 Keys to victory for the Panthers:1. Let Mike Davis keep rolling. 2. Teddy B needs to keep feeding Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore.3. Derrick Brown…

Thursday night week 5: Bucs vs Bears

I am currently in the process of moving so I am not able to do an in-depth analysis for this game with my 3 keys for each team. Bears 24 – Bucs 20. Upset alert on TNF.

First NFL coach fired in 2020.

Adam Gase? Matt Patricia? Dan Quinn? Nope, the Texans have fired HC/GM Bill O’Brien. Romeo Crennel will fill in as interim coach. This move was long overdue and Texan fans should be excited for the future.

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