What we learned from TNF

If you watched the Browns vs Bengals you saw a lot of important information to take in during the game, if you didn’t here is what you missed.

The Browns beat the Bengals 35-30 in a game where Cleveland led all game long but Cincy kept fighting. Cleveland might have won the game, but I believe the positives were there for both teams equally.

Cleveland had some things they can definitely be happy with besides the win. They got to see Chubb and Hunt show they are the best duo in the NFL at RB and both can help carry this team. We saw Odell and Landry get open and use their skills to provide Baker reliable targets. Baker had a good game when you consider the week before, it has to be nice for Cleveland fans to see why he’s their starter. The browns defense though is a concern as they have now given up 68 points and 734 yards in 2 games. That is something to watch as it seems to be unless their pass rush hits home they are getting beat regularly. In all I say we learned a lot about Cleveland last night.

Now the Bengals have a positive to focus on that was so bright it will seem like they won the game in the fans perspective. Joe Burrow threw the ball 61 times without throwing an INT, though he did lose a fumble during a beautiful strip sack from Myles Garrett. Burrow as a rookie without a preseason to adjust to the NFL had a 37/61, 316 passing yards, 3 TDS, 0 ints, 1 fumble lost, and 19 yards rushing. Cincy hasn’t had a QB play this well in a long time and it was only his second game. The Bengals have a lot to be excited about at the QB position. Now there was a MASSIVE issue in the game besides the non-existent run defense. AJ Green once again isn’t healthy and got banged up during the game providing no help to his young QB. Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins will have to step up immediately for this team to find success. In the end we learned Burrow is for real, remember he’s behind a horrendous offensive line.

Published by Matt Koontz

I am a sports fanatic and have been since I was 6 years old. I was an all-state baseball player and trained in Muay Thai. I love the MLB, UFC, NHL, NCAAF, and am a draft nut.

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